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Sexpuppe 2022

Real Doll sex doll is not a cheap inflatable doll, but an incredibly realistic experience

Sex dolls are on the rise and the days of traditional blow up dolls are a thing of the past. Recently, realistic sex dolls made of silicone have been on the market, and their differences from real girls are almost indistinguishable. Why are customers swapping out the blow-ups for their more perfect, realistic counterparts?

First of all, the quality of construction and materials will satisfy even the most demanding customers

Silikon Sexpuppe Irontechdoll

Second, everyone wants to have the most realistic and enjoyable experience possible. Sex dolls are a huge technological advance, just like cell phones were over land-line phones. They are sexy, you can squeeze them and they exist only for us.

The most common materials used for realistic dolls include various forms of silicone, thermoplastic elastomers or polyurethane foam fillings. In many cases they have a solid metal frame with movable steel joints so they can be placed in realistic positions. You'll never have to adjust to the rigid positions of inflatable dolls again.

The most modern technologies and processes are used in the production of the realistic sex dolls. All parts are individually manufactured before assembly. Our models have realistic characteristics to meet the needs of our customers.

Because all parts are manufactured separately, manufacturers can more easily focus on eliminating individual defects. Therefore, realistic dolls never run the risk of scratching, splitting or tearing you with overhanging rubber like their inflatable, simpler and cheaper counterparts do.

A bit of sex history

Kleine Silikon Sexpuppe Irontechdoll

Real Doll sex dolls were introduced to America in the 1970s as inflatable dolls. Back then, they were sold to various porn magazines more for photos. They could be found in almost every sex shop, but customers were more likely to buy them for one-off use, for various events and celebrations, or as an embarrassing birthday present.

Manufacturers didn't care much about physique, but focused on manufacturing a quality vagina and anus.

A major turning point came in the late 1990s. One of the first manufacturers of silicone dolls was the artist Matt McMullen, who tried to promote himself by creating something very original. He documented all of his production and development and posted it on his website.

Unexpectedly, however, Matt received emails from prospects asking if his dolls were made with realistic orifices. Although that wasn't the case at the time, Matt decided to make truly realistic sex dolls.

He started out in very humble conditions, with minimal sales. But interest continued to grow, and a few years later Matt was producing 200-300 realistic dolls a year.

How are sex dolls made today?

Beautiful realistic sex dolls are made with very sophisticated and practical methods. A whole team works to create a girl, including makeup artists, technicians and designers. All are required to create an absolute top-of-the-line product that offers maximum enjoyment and comfort.

Realistic sex dolls have a wide range of uses

Sex dolls have a variety of benefits. Among the most important is the satisfaction of sexual needs without having to cheat on the partner. But there are many other advantages.

Available Sex

Do you feel like having sex, but your partner is less interested? Do you need sex but don't have a partner right now? In these situations, you will really appreciate the sex dolls because they are always available and don't complain about anything.

Improving sexual skills and love life

Sex is an integral part of our lives, but many of us suffer from various sexual problems, be it premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Because of these problems or just because of weak sexual stamina, we suffer from low self-esteem just because we are not trained enough. Sex dolls can improve this situation. They are realistic and very practical training aids.Try them!

Opportunities for people who have extraordinary sexual deviations

You can treat a Real Doll in any way you like, within limits of course to avoid breakage. This isn't the cheapest toy. The realistic doll can take almost anything and she won't complain. Just leave it to your imagination. Your significant other may become more engaged knowing that you've improved your techniques.

Chances for a balance in the partnership

According to many sexologists, up to 50% of relationships end within 3 years primarily because of an imbalance in sexual needs. In most cases of such relationships, women don't feel like having sex as often as men. This creates a certain imbalance that a realistic sex doll can compensate for. Not only that, some partners can also become jealous of a doll, which can encourage them to resolve their sexual imbalances. Many sexologists use sex dolls in their therapies

A chance for all

It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, how expensive your car, house or bank balance is. Sex dolls have no interests or opinions and make their intimacy available to anyone who asks for it. It's a great opportunity for anyone who hasn't found a sexual partner for a long time or doesn't want a partner at all.

Final assessment

Men are increasingly switching to sex dolls as inflatable dolls face real problems such as imperfect manufacturing processes, cracks and breakage. The resulting quality of some products doesn't even remotely resemble the female body.

Advancements in sex doll technology have made our silicone girls a little heavier. Today they weigh between 25 and 40 kilograms, which makes them much more realistic. You will love the reality of your overall experience with them.

Anal sex with a real doll

Anal sex is a social taboo for many people, although it is a well-known and enjoyable practice. However, for anyone interested, there is the opportunity to fully enjoy it with a silicone sex doll. How good are realistic sex dolls at anal sex?

Anal sex with a sex doll. What is that?

Tpe Sexpuppe Irontechdoll

The important thing is that it's available. There is arguably no greater problem than having a partner who is unwilling to even enjoy the practice. According to, up to 40% of women aged 25-40 have experienced anal sex, but only a small proportion of these women are willing to practice it.

In anal sex with an artificial female Silicone robots there is no rejection because everything is just a matter of personal taste. Nothing will stop you from fully immersing yourself in it. Anal sex with a sex doll is almost indistinguishable from sex with a woman due to the high level of realism. In addition, it can be repeated many times, which is not possible in a living and willing woman, since the rectum can be easily irritated. This problem does not exist with Real Dolls. She can do it anytime and for as long as she likes.

The best sex doll is not a cheap inflatable doll. Thanks to the fact that the doll has a metal frame with steel joints, it can be adjusted to any position for full satisfaction. Access to the anus is very easy.

How to clean the silicone anus?

Sexpuppe reinigen

You can easily clean the anal cavity with the disinfectant, the enema and a microfiber cloth. First, perform a regular enema, and then disinfect the entire area. Disinfection is carried out using a sponge and a disinfectant solution. Gently wrap the medical clip in a sponge.

Insert the clip with the sponge into the cavity and thoroughly clean the area. It is important that the insides of the anal opening are thoroughly cleaned, feel free to repeat the whole process twice. After cleaning, dry the area with a towel or rag. Always use only microfiber cloths that do not damage the cavity.

We also recommend washing the areas where you touch the silicone doll. Sometimes these parts can get sweaty and at the very least need to be wiped down.

Sexpuppe reinigen

In general it is much more pleasant

Because the sex doll's anal opening is simply narrower, the pleasure of penetration is much more pleasant.Also, anal sex gives men a sense of rebellion as it breaks social taboos. It's about exploring new levels of sex and sexual positions. And it's worth a try!

It gives you more confidence

Even though the sex dolls are artificial, they offer you the best opportunities for positions and technique training. By allowing yourself to try anything, you gain experience and confidence. You will have an experience that most men don't even have. This will also make it easier for you to persuade a live partner to have anal sex.

What are the best positions?

Doggy style

The classic position is a simple but very effective position, the penetration is quite easy and not so rough, the biggest advantage is that the sex doll is completely stable and you don't have to hold it.


Offers the best penetration of any position. She can be a bit more energetic, but the penis gets into the hole very effectively and completely. All you have to do is sit down and simply use your hands to raise and lower the doll's buttocks in a repeating cycle. Holding the position will strengthen your arms, but you will also have a great experience.


If you love having your beauty underneath you in the most vulnerable position, then this position is for you. It allows you to dominate while only seeing the girl's face in profile or not at all. It's up to you whether you grab her by the hair or the neck or lean her back. You can also push them backwards with any force you like.

Butter masher

As the name suggests, this position is all about strong penetration from top to bottom. Getting into this position can be more of a challenge, but it's worth it. Sex dolls have a unique advantage here, they don't get tired. You can enjoy yourself in this position for as long as you like.


Perfect make-up for your sex doll - how does that work?

In most cases, the sex doll has already been made up by the manufacturer. However, during use, it is desirable to take care of both makeup and body, cavities or wig. Facial care and make-up are not complicated. Anyone can do it themselves with a little practice. However, it is important to note some principles based on the difference between TPE, silicone skin and human skin. Don't forget that a good-looking sex doll enhances your ultra-realistic erotic experience.

Sexpuppe Makeup

Make-up removal

To make working with the face easier, detach the doll's head and place it on a firm stand on a table or shelf. I recommend removing the wig or pulling the hair out of your forehead with a headband or elastic. Apply an appropriate amount of makeup remover to the face (specially designed for silicone skin and available at specialized stores) and wipe off the makeup with a soft cloth or paper towels.

You can also use warm Use water with antibacterial soap and wipe away any remaining makeup with a paper towel. If you plan to apply makeup to your doll regularly, I recommend buying a special makeup cream made just for her.

Cleaning of the cavities

Take the time to clean the cavities on your head as well. Rinse your mouth, nose and ears with a warm soapy solution. Dry them by inserting a soft cloth into the cavities. Don't rub them with force. Just let the fabric soak up the excess water.

Air dry the head naturally. Never use a hair dryer.

Applying the make-up

When the face is completely dry, you can start applying the makeup. If you first apply a powder with a brush, the skin will become smooth, beautiful and pleasantly soft. You can use baby powder or buy a special powder from stores that sell accessories for TPE and silicone dolls.

Lipstick or lip gloss may be enough for you. But it's not difficult to give her a nice makeup, so try it. You will need sticky lashes, lash glue, eye shadow, blush, makeup brush, and lipstick.


Interested in robotsex? What does he look like?

Sex with a robot doll is no longer science fiction of the future, but reality today.More and more people are interested in these robots, but the reasons are very different. What can we expect from these sexbots?

The robot love is coming

Real Doll Sexroboter

Forget about a quick date, dating agency, or friend's recommendation. All of that will long since be in the past. Because being single will be very different, not only in sex, but also in entering into relationships with cybernetic lust robots.

"Love and sex with robots is an inevitable event that awaits human civilization. It is a natural one causality of evolution, in the course of which humans try to overcome all their limitations, including biological ones," says David Levy, author of the book Love and Sex with Robots. He anticipates that by 2050 it will become a normal and everyday affair, accepted by the majority of the population.

For many men, he will connect them to a whole new level of reality, that of the ordinary Sex and relationships offers a lot of new and interesting things. Of course, most men will tend to use sexbots for personal sexual matters. But thanks to personalization, sexbots will bring a more realistic sense of relationships, which can allow someone to find fulfillment after losing a partner, for example.

Developers don't just think about men

Männliche Sexpuppe Irontechdoll

Women will also be able to enjoy the company of a real male robot to satisfy all their love needs. Of course we admit that this is a strong social taboo today, but general robotization, digitization and cybernetization is only a matter of time. Before long, most family homes will be equipped with an intelligent family care program that unlocks and opens doors, plays music and reports on important events such as the inbox. Our coffee maker will talk to us, too, and sexbots will simply be seen as more sophisticated sex toys overall.

Helen Gurley Brown, an American writer, adds: "For women, it's much better to have a male robotic partner than than not having a partner at all." These robot partners and friends will have fast internet access, access movie reviews and choose the most suitable movie according to the given parameters. Many women will appreciate this and enjoy watching romantic movies with a metal and plastic companion.

"Sex will be very routine and robotic in the future"

It's all about feelings

What worries many sex robot designers like Matt McCullen is the complexity of creating a sex robot capable of expressing its emotions very thoroughly and precisely, not only through verbal communication but also through facial expressions.

Programming a robot to talk or perform simple tasks is one thing, but building complex emotional intelligence into its program and mechanically generating facial movements is a much bigger challenge.

After one However, after a series of investigations and studies, scientists have come to very clear conclusions. People with increased emotional intelligence are very popular and successful. Overall, these people are capable of responding emotionally, physically, and communicatively to external stimuli and situations. This makes others feel safe and comfortable in their company. It can be assumed that this will also apply to sexbots. Already today, many of us have intelligent navigation in the car with a pleasant voice and language. Companies have already realized that this increases the sales and popularity of their products. Harry De La Cruz and Patricia A. D'Urso wrote about this in their study.

In any case, programming a sex robot for complex emotional expression is a task that can take several decades. Take a look at Matt McCullen's latest product, Realbotics. It is obvious that we are only at the beginning of the development of a natural voice and facial expressions.

Cybernetics as the missing link between artificial intelligence and humans?

Premium WM Doll sexpuppe

Cybernetics is essentially a science concerned with the transmission of information in both living organisms and human machines. The well-known mathematician Norbert Wiener originally came up with the term cybernetics.In 1948 he published Cybernetics or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine.

Since then new discoveries have been made, mainly in the field of medicine, thanks to which, for example, the paralyzed can use their limbs and the limbless Have access to cybernetic surrogates.

Medical cybernetics works by connecting the nervous system to an electronic system using a chip that provides the transmission and "translation" of the brain's individual signals. Chips are even expected to be implanted in people's heads to connect to the internet from anywhere on earth. Today there are subcutaneous chips that are fully compatible with modern smartphones. Any user can upload data to these chips, open apartment doors for electronic locks, etc. However, they are most useful as electronic wallets for cryptocurrencies.

Up to a certain point, whether out of necessity or personal preference, man becomes more or less a mechanical machine. In the future, they will play a major role in the field of robotization and the production of sexbots. After all, such a subcutaneous chip can measure the rate of your pulse and the level of certain hormones, so why not your arousal too?

What do you think of this idea? Can you imagine life with a sexbot?


Hentai. Anime sex and hardcore pornography for fetishists

Hentai is an anime porn that is not ashamed to show even the harshest of practices. These cartoons can be full of kinky and bizarre sexual acts, and the characters can be taken from Japanese manga comics.

Hentai = perverted

Hentai anime sexpuppe

The Japanese word hentai can be translated as perverse, perverted or deviant. Worldwide, the word refers to Japanese cartoon pornography.

Hentai Porn

This is not soft eroticism, but hard, often fetishistic and perverse porn that emerged in Japan after the Second World War. At the same time, pornographic comics also began to appear.

The characters in hentai are inspired by manga comics. Females and anime girls tend to have large eyes and, relative to a small figure, large breasts and/or buttocks.

Japanese (and others too) have been known to watch hentai porn videos, because normal porn with actors is limited by what they can realistically do. For example rape, sex with children or often absurd fetishes. However, the popularity of this form of pornography is increasing.

Hentai anime sexpuppe wm

Tentacles are one of the oldest archetypes found in traditional Japanese hentai. Here women are raped by the tentacles of the strangest cephalopods from earth and space

Sexual perversion in men and women

There are many different categories of hentai, two of them are: Juri (sex between women) and Jaoi (sex between men).

Juri is for men and lesbians. He is played by beautiful girls called Bishojo.

Jaoi is for women and is full of perfect men called Bison.

Paradise for fetish

Fetisch sexpuppe

All imaginable perversions can be lived out with anime porn. This allows you to watch an endless series of sexual perversions that you may (more likely) not even know exist.

This can be, for example, anime girls being raped by the tentacles of strange monsters . What anime porn terms should you know and what do they mean?


  • guro - Violence against humans (mutilation, circumcision, abuse) and eroguro (killing)
  • lolicon - Sex with preadolescent or preadolescent girls
  • futanari - hybrids or transsexuals
  • shotakon - sex of young boys with other young boys, older men or older women
  • omorashi - sex games with urine (pissing)
  • bakun - large female breasts
  • bukkake - collective masturbation with ejaculation

Other common practices depicted in hentai porn are zoophilia, sadomasochism, coprophilia (playing with excrement), incest, maesiophilia (craving for pregnant women), erotic lactation, etc.

If you are attracted to anime girls, try beautiful sex dolls that look like the main actresses of hentai videos.If you don't just want to please the eye, we'd be happy to hire a girl for you. Thanks to anime real sex dolls, your dream of becoming a hentai lover can come true.


Personalized silicone sex dolls

Personalisierte sexpuppen

Have you settled on the most sophisticated erotic toy - the sex doll? Then a wonderful creative process awaits you, which is selecting a specific realistic sex doll and customizing it to your desired specifications. Do you want a tanned brunette with blue eyes and small breasts? Or do you want to enjoy your sexual adventure with a cute blonde with cat eyes? Welcome to the world of Sex Dolls, where you can choose and customize the lover of your most secret fantasies.

For silicone or TPE dolls, there are many customizations or modifications. Each manufacturer offers different options and combinations. We've compiled an overview of the most common and widely available options from which to create your dream sex doll. What elements are important to you in a particular form is entirely a matter of personal preference and taste.

Gender and material

Sexpuppen material und Geschlecht

  • The first step is to decide whether you prefer a sexy male or female sex doll. There are also Shemale Real Dolls.
  • The next important step is deciding which material you prefer. There are two options - silicone or TPE. We will discuss the pros, cons, and properties of these materials in detail in one of our other articles on the blog.

Physical appearance


  • Dolls of various sizes and weights are available in the market. Depending on your choice, they can be divided into small, medium and large. Their weight is typically between 30 and 55 kilograms.
  • Body type - skinny curvy sex dolls, maxi boobs, maxi butt, pregnant real sex doll, etc.
  • You can choose to have a non-standing girl or a standing girl whose feet are adjusted to stand by three screws in the foot. The downside might be that they are constantly visible as they have to be pushed out through the skin.
  • You can also choose fixed or adjustable arms (shoulder joints).
  • One important factor is skin color (white, light, natural, tanned, brown, black)
  • Size or shape of breasts


Sexpuppe Vagina fest

  • Fixed - has the most realistic appearance, the vaginal cavity is structured for a perfect sex experience and is firmly attached to the doll's body. For regular cleaning, it is necessary to handle the whole doll.
  • Removable - offers the same realistic sex experience as a fixed vagina, just take it out and wash it by hand in the sink. In case of damage, it is easy to replace. They can have multiple inserts with different properties and they are easier to clean. The downside is that inserting the vagina into the body is more complicated (it needs to be powdered or oiled before insertion and proper technique used).
  • Pubic hair (from completely shaved to completely natural or with a specific shape)
  • color of the vagina
  • Shape of the labia
  • Removable penis


Sexpuppe Kopf
There are many different types of heads (shape, facial image). You can buy them separately either as an alternative or as a replacement. The price is around €300.

  • Wig (length, cut and color)
  • Eye color (blue, green, brown, black, blue, red, ...)
  • Eyebrows painted or realistic
  • Luxurious head variant with sewn hair (price is around €700)
  • Color of the lips
  • Elven ears (pointed)
  • tongue

Other customization options

Sexpuppe Anpassung Optionen

  • Shape, length and color of the nails
  • Size, color and shape of the nipples
  • Transport/storage box
  • Heating - Real sex dolls with heating are specially designed for even more realistic sex. The heater is inserted all over the body with 220V and it takes about 15 minutes to warm up. These dolls can also be equipped with a sound module.


The benefits of sex dolls for disabled men

With increasing life expectancy, the proportion of disabled people in the population increases with age. But the need for intimacy, in most cases, does not go away, and as a result, the life of men with disabilities expands with another dimension of frustration - the sexual one. Real Doll - sex dolls can be the solution in many cases.

The sex life of disabled men

Sex is an important part of men's lives. It is important for their mental and physical well-being. Many clichés surround the intimate needs of people with disabilities. What are the most important of them?

  • Disabled men don't need sex
  • Disabled people don't have real sex
  • People with disabilities are not sexually attractive

Disabled people tend to find themselves unattractive. They believe that other people are not interested in having a romantic or sexual relationship with them. They fear that they cannot meet the demands of an intimate relationship. These fears are compounded by society's prejudices.

There is also a difference between a person who has been affected from birth and one who has developed or developed the disease later. Such a person begins to compare themselves to what they used to be, making them feel even more unattractive.

Die Vorteile von Sexpuppen für behinderte Männer

Intimacy with a sex doll

Realistic sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular among disabled men around the world. Since they are disadvantaged when it comes to finding a partner, for many this erotic aid is literally a godsend, which not only makes their intimate life more interesting.

Sex dolls offer a person with a disability not only sexual satisfaction, but also company. An important aspect of such a relationship is that the person is not judged in any way in relation to their disability and can fully develop and express themselves in the intimacy.

It may be hard to imagine a man having sex with an artificial doll, but buying one is definitely a great way to bring joy and fun into the sex life of a person with a disability. Taking into account the special needs of the disabled person, these sex dolls are flexible and can be put in any position that suits the person.

Advice and tips

Because of their disability, people often feel like they will never have sex again. With the help of a sex doll, however, they can no longer only dream of sex, but can exercise their natural right to intimate satisfaction and fulfill their sexual needs.


  • Choose a sex doll considering your sexual preferences. Buy the right size, color, appearance. Besides dolls, you can also choose from male dolls. You can choose breast size, eye color, hair and any other parameters.
  • Consider needing a whole doll. You can also just get the body with the head and love openings which are easier for you to manipulate.
  • Use water-based lube during intercourse.
  • You can use the doll in any position that is comfortable for you. You don't have to worry about their comfort. Use their flexibility to your advantage.
  • Sex with a realistic sex doll offers the same pleasure as real lovemaking. You can give free rein to your sexual desires. A sex doll is only for you, she will not tell anyone about your moments together, she will never judge you.
  • Sex doll care is cheap and easy.

The challenges that a person with a disability has to deal with every day are difficult. A silicone lover doesn't offer emotion or conversation, but it can offer tender arms, silent companionship, and the fulfillment of sexual desires, needs, and dreams that come naturally to every human being. Healthy or sick. Male or female.


Realistic sex dolls, vaginal sex and pleasure

Realistic sex dolls are made in such a way that users can have an experience of maximum satisfaction in the most pleasurable form. Therefore, it is possible to have all kinds of sex with them, including vaginal sex, which is a golden foundation that sex dolls cannot do without.

Sex dolls for everyone

Sexpuppe für alle

Each of us has a different penis size. We cannot change what nature has given us. But it makes no sense to limit yourself unnecessarily. Sex dolls are made with either a fixed or removable vagina of various sizes. When choosing the vagina, each customer can choose between different types of internal structuring in order to experience maximum pleasure.

Removable vaginas are made with a size of 18 cm, which is also suitable for longer penises. Since silicone is a very flexible material, there are also different types of silicone vaginal dolls that can accommodate larger penises. However, with plus sizes, there can be high resistance to penetration, so you should always determine in advance the depth of the sex doll's vagina that you want to use.

But that's not the end of customization. Each customer can also choose the color of the vagina and the hair around the vagina. This is the perfect opportunity to get what we really want. But what kind of vagina to choose?

Fixed vs. removable

Fixiert vs. abnehmbar Vagina

Choosing between a sex doll with a fixed or removable vagina is a choice between a more realistic feel and easy cleaning. Fixed vaginas offer a much more realistic feeling as they are built right into the sex doll's body, while removable vaginas are very easy to remove and wash. There's quite a difference between spending 30 minutes washing before putting the whole sex doll in the shower and laboriously washing it up, or spending a few minutes just washing and rearranging the vagina.
The advantage is that these 2 choices are offered by almost all known sex doll manufacturers like WM Doll, Irontech Doll and others. It depends if you prefer a more realistic experience or an easier handling.

Realism that will take your breath away

The vaginal form of sex with a love doll looks exactly how you probably imagine it. The sex here is no different from vaginal sex with a real person in terms of positions and manners. So you just have to put the sex doll in a previously thought-out position, then apply enough lubricant and you're ready to go.

A big advantage over real women is the quick or noticeable penetration. We don't have to worry about whether it will hurt the sex doll or not. All that matters is our own pleasure. The only noticeable difference is the different temperature of the internal environment of the vagina compared to a real person. However, if you place the sex doll in a room with a good room temperature, this is not a problem.

Any user will also be surprised at how realistic the rest of the body outside the vagina looks. The legs and buttocks look very believable and especially the breasts which are easy to squeeze and look very realistic. Vaginal sex does not require the use of a condom, nor is it a problem to ejaculate internally and enjoy a pleasure that is not always possible.

What do you have to pay attention to?

It is very important that water does not enter the vaginal environment, making the whole experience uncomfortable, since there is a risk of mold from the moisture that the water creates. If water enters the inside of the vagina, the sex doll must be dried with tissues or another method.

Using cloth towels for drying is not entirely suitable as there is a risk of small fibers remaining in the vagina , which are very difficult to remove. However, we can highly recommend microfiber towels. Drying should be done by simply putting a towel, but basically we do not wipe with a towel, because there is a risk of skin damage.


Erotic story- anime love at first sight

A year ago I discovered anime and hentai porn, and while I've never been interested in comics or Japanese cartoons, I was struck by the weird poetry and aesthetic of girls with big eyes and colorful hair. Not to mention that I've always liked petite girls with small waists and girly figures.

From dream to reality

Anime sexpuppe

Shy seductive anime girls started appearing in my fantasies and dreams. Sometimes they seduced me, sometimes I seduced them.But after a while my fantasies weren't enough and I craved real sex. Anime porn wasn't enough for me anymore.

I started looking at dating sites. But even after a month of active correspondence and chatting, no meeting materialized. A friend recommended me the amateur server. I wish I had thought of that sooner.

A meeting was arranged after two days. To be clear, I wasn't looking for a boyfriend but a girl for sex. With clear requirements for an anime appearance and a petite, girly figure. I booked a room in a discreet hotel and I was so excited and could not wait.

anime girl like a dream

On the dating website, she posed as Aiko. As I later found out on the internet, this means "love child" in Japanese. From the moment she walked in the hotel room door, I knew she was perfect. And I had never seen her naked.

I knew she wanted to play the role of a shy, scared girl when we met. I would be the dominant man doing what he wanted with her. It was agreed that we would not speak to each other during the meeting. This increased my excitement and tension.

She stood shyly in the middle of the room and shyly rolled her eyes. I walked over to her and ran my fingers up her thigh and under her skirt. She wasn't wearing panties. I played gently with her small clit and slowly pushed a finger into her small hole.

I spread her legs apart and, with the pressure of my palms on her back, bent her into a forward bend. I knelt down, enjoyed the view of her shaved pussy and began to finger her extensively. As soon as I could feel the juices pouring out of her, I increased the intensity. I took turns massaging her clit, pulling her labia and spreading her pussy with my fingers.

A fantasy come true

Traum Sexpuppe und real doll aus TPE

This is what I dreamed of. When my hand was all wet from her arousal, I pulled down her skirt and removed her shirt and bra. I took her hand, led her to the bed and gently pushed myself into her. She fell over like a rag doll. She kept her legs together and looked everywhere but at me, shy.

I ripped my clothes off and climbed over her. My cock protruded over her beautiful full breasts. Her blue, straight hair lay loose. She was breathing excitedly and as her chest heaved her nipples touched my balls. I stroked her breasts and squeezed her tiny nipples harder a few times. She moaned excitedly.

I took my cock in my hand and sat up so that I could bring it to her lips. I stroked her lips with my hot cock, trying to get it into her clenched mouth. After a moment she let go of him and I felt the gentle touch of her tongue on it. I slowly pushed it in and out of Aiko's mouth. I was in no hurry.

A shot from the pleasure grotto

As I felt myself about to climax, I pulled back and spread Aiko's legs. I wanted to bring her to climax. Before I took them for myself and my pleasure. I began to expertly run my tongue over her smooth pussy.

When she relaxed nicely and moved her pelvis toward me, I slipped two fingers inside her and began a regular, rhythmic G-spot massage. Watching her excitement made me hot. I increased the intensity even further. Aiko was beside the point and moaned loudly. I could feel the hot juices running down my hands and her pussy tightening.

I quickly rammed my cock into her. she screamed. It must have hurt her because although she was already relaxed, she was still very tight. She was clutching my cock tightly and I could feel the reverberating orgasmic throbbing of her pussy.

It was an intoxicating feeling. It was over with the tenderness. I started thrusting fast and hard. In, out, in and out. Aiko groaned and after a moment she came towards me again. I quickly rolled her onto all fours. I wanted to enjoy the sight of her ass.

I had gone too far. When I held her hips with both hands, I was in heaven. The cum on her little ass was the icing on the cake. I turned her over and pulled her face to my limp cock. I wanted her to dry it nicely with her tongue. If that's what it needs, then that's what it needs.


Oral sex with a sex doll.(In)real experience?!

Sex dolls are great for anal and vaginal sex, but many of us also crave good deep oral sex. So what about the artificial beauties, can they satisfy us with their mouths full?

Oral as a way out of the stereotype

Even if there are people who don't particularly like oral sex, most men are happy when they are satisfied by this technique. For many of us, it's also a way to make our overall sexual play more enjoyable and break out of the stereotype of "boring" vaginal sex. With sex dolls we can also be pampered orally. Also, they never say no.

The whole experience of oral sex with dolls can be enhanced thanks to removable modular parts like teeth and tongue. All oral material is highly flexible, giving every user access to a truly rich experience of full oral penetration. The sex doll can also be adjusted to different positions to adjust to a more comfortable position.

Advantages and disadvantages of the real doll sex doll oral sex

Real Doll Sexpuppe Oralsex

The definite advantage of sex dolls is that they never refuse oral sex. Just like anal or vaginal sex, oral sex can also climax in a sex doll. So there is no need to worry about graduating outside of the mouth of a faux beauty. Of course, one can also say that the tongue is inactive despite the artificial tongue.

However, the undeniable advantage is the possibility of using her mouth for the so-called deepthroat. Only a small percentage of women are ready for this oral technique, but all realistic sex dolls offer this option without any problems. Also, real women simply don't have the stamina for many techniques that require careful positioning, while a sex doll doesn't exhaust itself and stay in position for as long as we desire.

What do you have to pay attention to and how do you perform the correct oral technique with the sex doll?

Since the sex doll is idle herself, all the action is up to you. Because of this, we recommend you to choose positions that don't require you to exhaust yourself completely, but if you're confident you can try all the acrobatic stunts. Before doing this, however, it is necessary to remove the removable teeth and possibly the tongue for better penetration. It is also necessary to use lubricant before the act.

Your mouth is slightly stretchy and therefore can accommodate a penis larger than the depth of the mouth. We have to be careful not to overstretch and injure ourselves. During anal or vaginal sex, the risk of injury is zero, but here the material can offer too much resistance if we thrust very hard.

It is possible to climax in her mouth, but you also have to climax without it the mouth of the love doll should be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant spray after each use and rinsed with a shower.

Suitable positions for oral sex with a sex doll


  • Classic - In this position we are lying on our backs with the sex doll fully erect and facing us. We bring her head with her mouth to the level of our waist. We then just move our heads up and down to penetrate and enjoy her. We also recommend bending her slightly (really slightly) into an L-shape so that we don't have to lift her whole body, just half of it.
  • Face Fuck - Here we lay the sex doll on her back on the bed and get into a position where we have our knees directly under her shoulders and our penis in front of her face. We simply hold her head down and slowly enter her mouth with the movement of our hips. The position is very simple and easy, but with a larger penis it can be a little tiring to insert the whole penis into her mouth. It is also one of the positions suitable for deep oral techniques.
  • Royal Position - A very effective and simple position where the sex doll is kneeling on her knees with her head at our waist level while we are standing. If it's too small, all we have to do is support it. In this position we can enjoy ourselves to the fullest without exerting ourselves too much. We just move the head back and forth with her mouth until we climax.


Studies on: The pros and cons of owning sex dolls

The issue of sex doll ownership is increasingly discussed from a social and legal point of view.This study aimed to examine the credibility of the existing psychological, sexological, and legal literature pertaining to sex doll ownership.

Latest Findings

There are many opinions about the range of possible socio-legal positions on sex doll ownership. However, there is almost no empirical analysis of the psychological characteristics or behavioral consequences of realistic doll ownership. Rather, the existing arguments represent the philosophical positions of scientists without any objective evidence.

Owning a realistic sex doll

Besitz von sexpuppe

The sale of realistic human imitations in the form of sex dolls for sexual play is backed by a multi-million dollar global industry. Some models have artificial intelligence and the ability to fake communication with their owners and are referred to as sex robots.

This has led to increased academic, social and legal attention. The law also deals with dangerous child sex dolls. A 2020 study (Craig A. Harpercor and Rebecca Lievesley) looks at the motivations behind sex doll ownership. The authors ask interesting questions.

Who are the (potential) owners of sex dolls?

At present, these artificial objects appear to have a primarily sexual function, which may limit our understanding of the motivations behind wanting to possess them. About 70% of sex doll owners state that sexual satisfaction is their doll's primary function, but others state that their dolls serve as a form of companionship and as a substitute for companionship.

Even by those who state Knowing that their doll's primary purpose is sex, sex doll ownership was accompanied by other functions in over 80% of cases. It is the illusion of intimacy that underlies the close bond between them and their robots.

The alleged consequences and implications of owning sex dolls

Researchers in the fields of bioethics, sociology, robotics and law have expressed concern that sex dolls and robots promote the sexual objectification of women and exacerbate traditional standards of beauty and perceptions of attractiveness.

The result is a loss of human intimacy and connectedness in sexual interactions. In extreme cases, possession of sex dolls leads to the promotion of sexual violence against women, child sexual abuse and pedophilia.

The programmability of sex robots allows their owners to essentially practice rape. However, sex doll possession has not been proven to lead to sexual aggression. This also leads to the consideration of whether raping a robot is a crime.

It is hypothesized that interaction with child sex dolls could increase the likelihood of child sexual abuse by desensitizing the doll user to the physical, emotional, and psychological harm of child sexual abuse and normalizing behavior in the mind of the abuser.

At the same time, however, there is no evidence of a therapeutic benefit from the use of child sex dolls. This also applies to relationships with women. Thus, neither the negative nor the positive effect of sex dolls has been proven because it has not been researched yet.

Besides the potential risks associated with sex doll ownership and robot ownership, research has also examined positive effects. Controlled access to dolls in sex and relationship counseling will make it possible to study the effectiveness of dolls in alleviating sexual dysfunction.

The use of child sex dolls in facilities designed to prevent sexual abuse in people who are sexually attracted to children.

Case studies of this practice should be evaluated to clarify controversies and unanswered questions. Sex dolls and robots may have a potential role in alleviating feelings of social and emotional isolation and treating sexual dysfunction in medical and mental health settings.

Conclusions of the study

The aim of this study was to present the development of the arguments in the existing literature on the motives and effects of owning real dolls and sex robots. Subsequently, the lack of empirical research on this topic was shown using findings from social, cognitive and evolutionary psychology as well as current theories on the etiology of sexual offenses.

The current conclusions are based on ideological assumptions that are at odds with the risks often cited. Social and legal professionals should conduct more empirical research on this increasingly contentious societal issue.


Sex dolls Erobotik - The revolution of intimacy

erobots. Welcome to a new world of intimacy. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and social robotics, robots are learning to communicate, learn and socialize, which is gradually changing our society. However, research on human-machine interaction is still in its infancy, particularly in the areas of intimacy and sexuality.

From the media and gendered depiction of sexual technologies to their medical and therapeutic potential, researchers are addressing various topics related to the development of humanoid erobots.

Erobots and future relationships

Sexpuppen Erobotik - Die Revolution der Intimität

Surprisingly, intimacy and sexuality are among the most important areas to consider in the context of the AI ​​revolution, as the possibilities for human-e-robot interaction increase with the rise of new advanced technologies.
The term Erobot describes all VR, AR and tangible products/tools and the technologies that produce them. It includes - but is not limited to - erotic robot prototypes, virtual or augmented erotic characters, online dating applications or erotic chatbots.

The word Erobot is based on a combination of the words eros (a philosophical term relating to love, desire, sensuality and sexuality) and robot (a machine capable of performing a complex series of actions run autonomously).

This new term aims to emphasize the relational aspects of the new erotic technologies and to highlight the fact that artificial "agents" are becoming autonomous social actors.

Sex Robot

One of the most well-known types of Erobots are human-like sex robots. However, these represent only a fraction of what erotic robots are and can be through the further development, combination and networking of new technologies.

a combination and linking of new technologies.

For example, advances in conversational robots or virtual and augmented reality will increasingly open up new types of erotic partners for people.

These partners will be able to communicate through various interfaces such as mobile phones, computers , gaming consoles and VR/AR devices. In simulated worlds, they will take different forms and be able to experience unlimited situations and feelings.

New intimate relationships will emerge between humans and machines. We will redefine what it means to fall in love with and have sex with artificial beings.


Erobotics is an emerging area of ​​transdisciplinary research examining our interaction with artificial erotic technologies, which we increasingly treat as full-fledged social actors.

In the future, erobots could not only be in the realm of social and erotic relationships, but also be used in healthcare, education and research.

In therapeutic settings, they could help patients with fears and anxieties related to intimacy or support trauma victims to rediscover their bodies and their sexuality.

They could provide interactive sex education and help people learn about respect, consent, diversity, reciprocity and love in innovative ways.

As standardized research tools, they could help researchers to overcome the ethical and methodological challenges cope with sensitive research projects.

Exciting visions of Erobots

Reaping the tremendous benefits of robots to humanity will require transdisciplinary collaboration across many disciplines - from computing and programming to the social sciences and humanities. Bringing science and the private sector together will also be an important step.

A future based on cooperation and the courage to be open and enter into completely new relationships is therefore the key to the development of e-robots that will make a positive contribution to humanity on an individual and collective level.


Will sex dolls replace real women?

Nowadays sex, whether remote or not, is more open than ever. A few years ago, hundreds of us swiped right on apps like Grindr or Tinder as innovation removed the shame of needing or having a relationship. It will also come as no shock to anyone that more and more tech is coming into the space due to the ongoing inflexible lockdowns as well as social isolation.

The sextech e-com companies cater to the people quarantined at home and more have energy at their disposal - whether they are lonely, remote or long for more pleasure with others - appropriate products. As sexual health technology gains additional recognition, there's nothing wrong with a whiff of X-rated software or hardware invading our home lives (while respecting social distancing guidelines, of course).

What is a sex robot?

One could argue that something like a Fleshlight Launch is some kind of "sex robot". It could also be argued that any vibrator can be considered a sex robot in a similar way. In any case, for the vast majority, the term points to a specific vision: a humanoid robot built solely for sex.

Werden Sexpuppen echte Frauen ersetzen?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) would also be required for certain individuals to make the experience as hands-on as possible. Meanwhile, there are small DIY (do-it-yourself) endeavors (e.g. in the 2010 short story "My Sex Robot") that basically want to mimic the mechanics of sex in ambiguous ways: e.g . B. Robot pushes. However, the outcome will not hover anywhere near the Uncanny Valley.

While some people may appreciate the mechanical evolution of sex dolls as sex robots, many would not accept this theoretical decoupling. There's a typical view that a sexbot that can't talk, react, flirt, and in any case act "human" isn't a sexbot by any stretch of the imagination.

Will sex dolls and sex robots limit female supremacy?

It can reduce the supremacy of women who may use their sexuality as a source of some power. However, this cannot be generalized to women, because men and women are not programmed machines. Not all women need to use sex as a means of gaining power, and not all men are so interested in sex that they allow it to influence or control them.

For certain women who use sex as a means of influencing and Using manipulation by men in their lives can mean a diminution of their corresponding power, but again, it will take most of the day for a large number of men to recognize sex robots as a suitable substitute for an influencing wife or sex worker.

For example, adult movies have been around for a long time, but just these days certain individuals are beginning to realize that they are not shameful and that in certain situations they are the best option as opposed to an undesirable sexual one relationship are.

Will sex dolls replace real women?

I think this question is worded incorrectly. It's really about whether sex robots will displace women as sexual partners. The answer to that question is that some female sex partners could be replaced by top-notch robots. However, not all. On the other hand, a number of men could also be replaced by robots.

I think sex robots would be something very special for shy, introverted men who cannot yet get dates in the western world. Their first choices are sex workers or their helping hand. Sex robots could offer a decent other option. They could offer these men the opportunity to get their physical needs met without risking sexually transmitted diseases or breaking the law (in some western countries). That might make them more positive about meeting quality women.

I think that seductive, fit, caring women who haven't been harmed by women's rights needn't have any trouble with the robots. On the other hand, gold diggers, women-activist male skeptics, and women who use sex as a medium of exchange to get expensive gifts could be in trouble. Who would want that when you can spend time with a quality sex bot.


Robots are now threatening a range of jobs, from security guards to office workers, but they could soon make their way into the sex industry as well. More and more people are looking for sex dolls and mechanical buddies, and some are finding that a sex robot can offer some relief from the blues and social pressures of a pandemic.


Are sex dolls popular in China?

Thousands of people in China buy sex dolls. Rather than being ugly human figures, these dolls are worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. After almost two years of the outbreak, various brands have appeared in the market that will start a revolution in society.

Sind Sexpuppen in China beliebt?

In fact, many people still have many questions: Why are these dolls so popular? Will people buy a doll without a soul regardless of the opinion of others?

It is reported that there are three main reasons for sex doll lovers to buy sex dolls.

  • have sex
  • Photography
  • Collection


Why did they suddenly become so popular?

Why did they suddenly become so popular? These dolls look like real people and their actions are like real people too. Sex dolls are modern art, just as a woman can have a young and beautiful face, so can a realistic love doll. They please people. The tenderest dreams and desires in my heart.

In reality, sex dolls are more of a hobby or interest, just like skateboarding or photography. A sex doll enthusiast expressed the same view in an interview with the media. When asked if he would consider cheaper PVC products, he expressed distaste for PVC products. The next generation of sex dolls will, on the one hand, use the most modern materials and technologies and, on the other hand, will make people feel more real. Another area where sex doll manufacturers invest a lot of energy is developing interactive features.

The question also arises as to whether the price of a doll can represent a month's wages or even multiple months' wages for workers. Their main function is sex. This can be resolved through masturbation. What's the point of all this effort?

As mentioned earlier, it's not just about sex, sex is just a part of it. There are many sex doll forums on the internet where people share their experiences, e.g. B. how to turn a doll's face into a plaster model, how to shoot or how to buy used dolls. This is a reputable and legitimate group of interesting people.

A controversial article was published in one report stating that love dolls are "better" than women because they don't fight back, so you can have sex with them you can do whatever you want to them. All of this points to the fourth reason for buying these dolls: to remove darker feelings. All of this means that these dolls have opened the door to a larger societal problem. This problem started with the slag of the old society and the one-child policy. The male/female ratio in China is clearly skewed in favor of males (105.07:100). The number of single men in China will increase in the future.

In the past ten years, China's population of one billion people has been divided in this ratio. At that time, the world's largest "matchmaking game" - blind date - was held, where a boy can be matched with a girl. Of course, this is difficult for many reasons such as age and sexual orientation, not to mention the huge economic costs behind this behavior. But for the sake of science, let's imagine that this actually happens.


If this sounds incredible to you, that's normal, but it's just an idea, it's not real. Now the point is that these sex dolls actually have a social function in China. If the gender imbalance continues to spread, then the popularity of these products will undoubtedly help delay social, economic and physiological problems.


How to hide a sex doll at home?

Sex dolls are brilliant allies to have in the home, especially when you are a lonely man with no doors open to sexual relations with a human accomplice.

Yet there is one little discomfort of owning a sex doll and having it in the house.Where do you hide the sex doll when visitors come to the house?

Wie verstecke ich eine Sexpuppe zu Hause?

Men mostly leave their sex dolls on the bed or couch when they live alone. In the event that another person comes into the house, for example a plumber or an electrician, it is somewhat embarrassing and uncomfortable to have a sex doll nearby.

On the other hand, it is a risk because the visitor is trying could have sex with the doll when no other person is around. Would you allow your doll to be soiled by another person having sex with her? Ugh, of course not.

So it's always wise to hide the sex doll before someone comes into your house. You should also hide your sex doll when you leave your house.

Don't take the risk that another person will come into your house and watch you, whether it's a relative or a burglar. Try to find a specific hiding place for the doll in your house. The following places are the best hiding spots for a sex doll in my house, such as:


Your first instinct will probably be to hide your sex doll in a closet. That seems legitimate, because closets are small, dark spaces with doors that hide their contents. Suppose you receive a visitor in your home, then most likely they will not look in your closet unless they have a specific reason for doing so.

However, if you only have a handyman to you come home to fix something, then you don't have to worry about it sneaking around in your closet.

Wardrobes come in all shapes and sizes. Chances are you have a closet big enough to hide a sex doll in it. Even a walk-in closet is no problem, because you can hang the sex doll by a noose at the back of the neck.

Many sex doll models have a tiny noose under their fake skin. Essentially, you lift the fold of skin at the back of the neck to reveal the sling. Then you can balance the doll in the wardrobe. Not all sex dolls have this sling,

Under the bed

Another common place people hide their sex dolls is under their bed. This could also be an option for you depending on how much space there is between your floor and the bottom of your bed.

Do not try to slide your sex doll under the bed if there is not enough space , otherwise you will most likely destroy them. You should be able to slide or fold the sex doll under the bed without much effort.

If you can fix the sex doll under your bed, you may need to avoid possible risks so that she cannot be seen. However, imagine a scenario where your visitor accidentally drops something on the floor. He might spot your sex doll under the bed when he comes down to get what he dropped.

You can block the doll's view by placing bags or other personal items in front of her under the make bed. That should give you extra peace of mind knowing she won't be found. When you get the doll out from under the bed again, you should wipe it with a dry cloth to make sure it's clean.


The carport is another typical place to hide a sex doll. Assuming you actually choose to garage, then place the doll in its original storage case as previously described. Carports tend to get very hot and muggy, especially if you live in a southern US state like Florida.

It is wiser to protect your sex doll from the humid air to prevent pollution. Even though it's mostly plastic, you don't want to risk mold spores growing anywhere on the doll.

Carports offer a lot more space than a shed. Find a spacious spot in the garage and put the sex doll case in there. Store the sex doll in the case when you leave the house. There must be no photos on the bin so that no one can tell what's inside.

The number one thing that might stop you is assuming you're stressed out because others are in the carport go and sniff around.If you live with someone else and don't need them to play with your doll, try locking the container or hiding it among other items in the garage.

Many people hide sex dolls in carports , if they own some sex dolls. On the contrary, it is not mandatory to store the sex dolls in a garage for months or years. It should only be a temporary hiding place until you're ready to move the doll to a safe place.


It's not difficult to hide a sex doll, especially when you live alone. Your number one concern should be keeping people from entering your home. That's why you should invest in smart security cameras for the outside of your home. That way, if you're away from home for a long time, you can keep an eye on your doll from afar.


Silicone sex doll vs TPE sex doll | Pros & Cons

If you're a little in the dark about the difference between silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls, you've come to the right place. Let's go through some of the basics and get you up to speed so you can decide which is best for you...

Tpe oder silikon sexpuppe

TPE or silicone?

Sex dolls are usually made from two different materials: TPE or silicone. TPE is an abbreviation for thermoplastic elastomer. What is the difference between TPE dolls and silicone dolls and what are the advantages of both?

Let's first take a look at the main characteristics of the two materials:

TPE sex dolls:

  • TPE is a mixture of rubber and plastic. It is extremely flexible, malleable, and stretchable.
  • TPE feels soft and springy, it has an incredibly authentic "jiggle" and mimics human flesh very well.
  • Parts like the labia can be made to look and feel very realistic.
  • TPE is extremely durable and has extremely high elasticity.
  • TPE is a good conductor of heat and can maintain its temperature for long periods of time.
  • TPE is odorless, although some of the oils used to keep it from drying out may have a slight "oily" odor that will dissipate after a week or two.
  • TPE is porous, which can be a problem with stains.
  • Stains can be removed with the right stain remover.
  • Be careful when sterilizing the dolls as they are porous.
  • TPE dolls are cheaper than silicone dolls.
  • TPE dolls are (by far) the most popular choice.
  • Most of the dolls on our website are TPE sex dolls.

Silicone sex dolls:

  • Silicone is a very versatile and high-quality material, best known for its use in cosmetic implants due to its very lifelike feel.
  • Silicone has been used in both the medical industry and product manufacturing for decades. The techniques used in its manufacture are very advanced.
  • Silicone can be made to look and feel realistic.
  • Silicone is a strong material that holds its shape and can withstand the weight.
  • Silicone is non-porous, stain-resistant and easy to sterilize.
  • Its non-porous nature means it has a "super smooth" feel and is easy to clean.
  • Silicone is more expensive than TPE.
  • Although smoother, silicone generally feels harder and is less flexible than TPE.
  • Silicone can become brittle and crack easily. While it can withstand a lot of weight, it can tear in vulnerable areas if care is not taken.

Both types of dolls have their advantages and disadvantages and have similarities. For example, both are hypoallergenic, both retain heat well, both can be bathed or showered to warm them up, both can be adjusted to suit your needs, and both make excellent sex dolls (of course).

Ultimately, customers are happy with both, but in general, TPE dolls are cheaper and, due to their ultra-realistic, flesh-like characteristics, are more commonly produced and therefore tend to be more popular.


Where are high quality sex dolls made?

Where do we source our sex dolls from?

We source our dolls from various reputable sex doll brands.
All our sex dolls are made by high quality sex doll manufacturers.

Wo werden hochwertige Sexpuppen hergestellt?

How do we choose our sex doll manufacturers?

Before we enter into a partnership with any sex doll manufacturer, we ensure that the dolls meet strict criteria. The most basic are that relevant health and safety regulations must be met, the design and build quality must be second to none and the brand must have a history of excellent customer feedback and customer demand/reputation. The supplier we work with must be reliable and ready to stand up for the product they sell if there are any problems.

There are many inferior love dolls on the market made from inferior recycled TPE and using harmful chemicals, so health and safety standards/quality control are our top priority. We ensure that the materials used are harmless to the health of our customers.

Of course, the design also has the highest priority. We firmly believe that we only offer well designed and high quality sex dolls and we want to be able to stand behind our sex dolls (excuse the pun) and feel safe and proud to offer them. There's no point in having a flashy website and great customer service when you're selling inferior, poorly designed sex dolls. We listen a lot to customer feedback and read a lot on the doll forum to find out what's good and bad about each doll design.

Are your dolls high quality sex dolls or cheap sex doll replicas?

We only supply 100% authentic, high quality sex dolls from the original manufacturers who own the rights to the product design. We never sell replicas.

We consistently exceed our customers' expectations and intend to keep it that way. Repeat customers are far more common than many might expect. It also means that the manufacturer has to have our back and be ready to fix any problems that arise. The other criteria that come into play is when brands show that they are very customer-centric, e.g. brands like WM Dolls, YL Dolls, Irontechdoll, 6YE, JY Doll really listen and take customer suggestions for modeling new faces or even ideas for photo shoots. Irontechdoll has listened to their customers need for made to measure outfits and has worked hard to release their new range of made to measure clothing. The brands must also have the seal of approval of the TDF members, i. i.e. the members speak very positively about them and they have a good reputation. Ultimately it is the customer who decides whether the product is good or not.

Do you only sell TPE sex dolls?

Currently, we have some silicone heads, but all our bodies are made of TPE, which is softer than silicone and is also very popular among customers because of its price. We have recently partnered with Sanhui Dolls, who exclusively make silicone sex dolls, and we will be offering their full range in the near future.

Tpe und silikon sexpuppen
Also, many of our manufacturers have started to release sex dolls with silicone heads and a TPE body. This is a relatively new product design, it's an incredible way to get both a super soft and realistic bounce with the body and a hyper-realistic face, it's proving very popular so far...


Prevention of fake sex dolls and sex doll scams

How do I avoid a sex doll scam?

A good rule of thumb when buying your first sex doll is to avoid fake dolls and replicas. If you want a real love doll, you should avoid eBay, Amazon or Aliexpress. While I'm sure there will be occasional real dolls featured on these sites, for the most part the dolls featured on these sites are fakes (replicas) that are not made from the original molds and are made from inferior, potentially toxic materials . Either that or they fool you with stolen photos and deliver something else if you get any delivery at all.

Wie vermeide ich einen Sexpuppen-Betrug?

Why shouldn't I buy a sex doll on eBay or Ali-Express?

We personally check eBay regularly (just out of curiosity) and as an authorized and legitimate sex doll seller registered in the UK we can personally attest that a large proportion of the dolls we have seen on eBay are replicas are.We've reported this to eBay countless times but unfortunately not only are they disinterested, they don't even acknowledge that fake sex dolls even exist!

If you're new to sex dolls, you might be thinking, "What is a fake sex doll? A sex doll is a sex doll, right?". Well, you are not alone and the reality is that most people don't know that the sex doll industry, like every other product in the world, has developed renowned brands and reputable manufacturers with original designs and unparalleled quality. When you buy a sex doll, you will quickly realize that a replica can look completely different from the pictures, the skin can easily tear and fall into pieces, they have a fragile skeleton and so on...

Unfortunately there are a lot of online shops that offer sex dolls and most of them sell what is called "fake sex dolls". Some even set up their own sex doll review sites (under a different name, of course) and refer customers to their own fake sex doll shops. Pretty sneaky if you ask us...

So what is a fake sex doll?

A fake sex doll is an imitation or replica sex doll made from stolen designs in an unauthorized and shady factory with little to no credentials/safety inspections/quality control. These factories often buy an actual doll from a reputable manufacturer and recreate it in their own factory. Then... they steal the original manufacturer's authentic photos and use them as "bait" to lure customers in, then trade them for an inferior doll - a classic "decoy trick". The doll you see in the photos is NOT the doll you will receive. As with many other counterfeit designer goods, they may look similar, but something isn't quite right. Exactly the same thing happens with sex dolls. It's a complete scam. While fake dolls may look similar to the photos, they are significantly inferior in quality, come with no manufacturing guarantee, are made from hazardous recycled TPE, and do not meet quality control regulations to ensure your safety; it is also a stolen design and a criminal offence. If you buy a cheap dummy doll, expect to get a cheap dummy doll. We hear horror stories from people who have even received blow up dolls covered in TPE or dolls without a real vagina or anus - where's the fun in that?

I know that many of us love to get a good deal and that it is great It's tempting to look for a bargain (I know I do...) but a little patience, a little research and a little knowledge goes a long way to ensure you don't get scammed and disappointed. Remember that there is no rush and no pressure. Finding the right sex doll should be fun when you have the support of a good sales person to advise you. We talk and consult with our customers sometimes for hours on live chat sometimes for months before they are ready, you will have a hard time finding a rogue website that does this.

How do you recognize a fake sex doll or a seller who sells fakes?

Woran erkennt man eine gefälschte Sexpuppe oder einen Verkäufer, der Fälschungen verkauft?

There are some telltale signs, but scammers are constantly changing their tricks and improving their scam. That's how they make a living, but here are some key signs:

  • The dolls are sold as "unbranded" or they specifically do not state the brand on their website. When asked in their chat where their dolls come from, they often claim that they "make and design" the dolls themselves, but they use official professional photos of WM-Dolls. (WM-Dolls is one of the leading sex doll manufacturers in the world, the Nike of sex dolls if you will...) It's a bit like someone selling fake Nike Air Max sneakers and using Nike's professional photos, and then claiming that you design your sneakers and make them in your own workshop is ridiculous when you think about it.
  • Scammers often sell their dolls for a fraction of the price of real dolls. In fact, we have seen many selling fake WM dolls cheaper than the wholesale price of real WM dolls. Sounds too good to be true, right? Because it is so.However, we have recently seen scammers charging full price for their dolls, so this alone is not a reliable measure of authenticity.
  • They often have reviews on their website and nowhere else on the internet. This is a telltale sign of a scam site. Research aside, the only foolproof way to check if a seller is legitimate is to contact the manufacturer directly and ask if the seller you are buying from is a registered seller. If it doesn't, it's a fake, it's as simple as that. With that in mind, feel free to contact any of our manufacturers to confirm our legitimacy.

A verified seller is one who has established partnerships with reputable and respected doll manufacturers and has the authority and permission to sell real sex dolls worldwide. They offer dolls made by the makers - so not replicas.


The rise (and fall?) of sex doll brothels

In recent years, the internet has been deluged with articles about the opening of sex doll brothels, which have usually been very successful before they either shut down or went out of business. So the question is whether these companies are pioneers, tearing down the walls for an industry that is about to break through, or are they simply unsustainable companies doomed to fail. How can doll-focused brothels even compete in a world where buying a fully customizable sex doll is just a click away?

Der Aufstieg (und Fall?) der Sexpuppen-Bordelle

Why would anyone go to a sex doll brothel when they can buy a doll and keep it at home?

When Fabrice Jacobs opened the first Belgian sex doll brothel in 2018, he wasn't sure if the idea would work, but he was initially surprised by the response.

"I didn't expect it to be so successful.. .", he told The Brussels Times in 2019.

Fabrice gave several reasons why people visited his sex doll brothel. Many of those who came once and never came back were there mainly to satisfy their curiosity, but he also had regular customers. He told the Brussels Times:

"Many business people staying in nearby hotels come to visit from time to time. I received a few couples and also a man with a disability. My oldest client is 81 years old old. I have another client who is in his 60's and whose wife doesn't want to have sex anymore, but he does it anyway. He thinks going to a real sex worker would be cheating."

Fabrice brings some of the reasons in a nutshell why dolls are so desirable in the first place, but also why they could be good for brothels.

  • Society: It is not always possible to travel with a spouse or partner(s), and it is difficult to travel with a sex doll. Humans are social creatures by nature, and therefore sex and companionship are basic human needs. Businessmen and travelers still have to satisfy these needs and desires.
  • Sex: Sometimes in a relationship the sociability is still there, but the physical, intimate and sexual side is no longer possible. This can have various reasons, e.g. B. Illness, disability, loss of libido, etc. If the libido of the two partners does not match, there may be friction in the relationship. Sex dolls, Fabrice's client notes, can be seen as a means of not cheating with another partner outside of the relationship. Having a doll at home may seem overwhelming, but visiting a doll brothel is an option for this client.
  • Curiosity: There's nothing like a novelty to lure customers in the door, so nitrogen ice cream and cronut shops opened up everywhere and then quietly disappeared. Would a sex doll brothel buck the novelty trend and keep customers coming back? Fabrice noted that some men seemed to be using his brothel as a kind of "try before you buy" situation. If the men liked the experience, they would probably never come back as they could buy the dolls on websites like ours (Nebuladolls) which they could then keep at home and use as they pleased.

Add some of the other reasons for the popularity of dolls, e.g. B.the need not to interact with a human, and the appeal of dolls and their anatomical proportions as a fetish, there are a number of reasons for the success of sex doll brothels.

So why are sex doll brothels being closed? Is society ready?

Recently, the Brussels newspaper The Brussels Times reported that Fabrice's doll brothel has closed its doors. Whilst it appears that Fabrice's motivations were more personal, if we believe the internet articles that doll brothels are being shut down worldwide it appears:

  • Aura Dolls closed even before it opened in 2018 in Toronto, Canada. It tried to relocate, but now the new city, Mississauga, is also trying to shut down the brothel.
  • In 2018, the mayor of Houston, Texas, prevented a sex doll brothel from opening by tightening a city ordinance after a campaign garnered over 13,000 signatures.
  • Lumidolls Italy closed just days after opening in 2018.

Reactions to sex doll brothels are similar to reactions to regular brothels: they are bad for the area, bring crime to the neighborhood, are too close to schools and degrade the value of sex, and they demean women, but with sex dolls there also seems to be a fear of the unknown and the unusual.

Was that it? Farewell to the sex doll brothels?

War's das? Abschied von den Sexpuppen-Bordellen?

Well, no. Remember Lumidolls closed in Italy? Well they have now reopened and look to be a huge success story. The company currently operates doll brothels in Russia, Spain and Italy and is pushing into the already established Japanese market.

Where Aura Dolls has struggled in Canada, KinkySDolls and other doll brothels have opened and remain open. In Canada there is even a delivery service, Natrl Dolls, which only offers a delivery service and is able to circumvent laws that have prevented others from opening.

One of the claims made by critics of doll brothels has been that they prone to violence against women, the opportunity to live out their fantasies, and eventually encouraging them to live them out in real life. Kerry Porth of the Pivot Legal Society told Vancouver Magazine:

"There are numerous studies disproving the notion that playing violent video games or viewing violent pornography leads to real life crimes. I suspect that this also applies to the sex dolls," says Porth. "They might actually provide a safe outlet for certain fantasies."

Press F to pay your respects to human sex workers...

Well, not quite. As Porth goes on to say, "Sex workers offer a uniquely human sexual experience and the sex dolls are in no way a substitute for actual human contact."

Let's face it, the world's oldest profession hasn't gone unemployed yet. In fact, the various customers who visit a doll brothel are unlikely to overlap with those who would visit a traditional brothel. The doll brothel opens up new opportunities to reach a clientele who have difficulty or no interest in interacting with people or interacting with a traditional brothel, who see using a sex worker as a scam, or who lack space or financial resources has to buy a doll. Since traditional brothels do not cater for this type of customer, there will always be a tribe of customers.

Even if a customer buys their own doll, they may still be interested in trying other models or brands of dolls , which may be available in a brothel. As for the competition between doll brothels and doll sellers like us, it is quite limited as those who buy a doll do not do so solely or primarily for sexual reasons, but for many and varied reasons.

What does 2022 hold for sex doll brothels?

Sex doll brothels are on the rise. Sex dolls alongside flesh-and-blood people in traditional brothels are on the rise. 2021 wasn't a great year, but since then far fewer businesses have closed and many more have quietly opened.If things continue at this rate, sex dolls could one day be as commonplace and acceptable as a vibrator (and who would want to deny men the pleasure of such a device?). The companies we lost along the way have the hurdles to adopting Eliminated sex dolls, as did the first sex shops in the 1960s for movies, magazines and adult sex toys. When robotics and artificial intelligence start merging with sex dolls, those rocky early years will almost certainly be seen as just a tiny slip on the road to acceptance.